Our warehouses for the reception of wool are located on the territory of the wool-washing factory at the address Nevinnomyssk Mayakovskogo street, 28.
Contact phone number +7-928-006-52-52 Ekaterina Nikolaevna.
Also possible self-export in individual cases.
1. Merino, 64 quality, combed, weeded, White
2. Merino 60 quality, combed, weedy, White
3. Ton/pom 64/60 quality, combed, weedy White (s/s)
4. Pol/ton 58/56 quality, combed, weedy (scalloped) c/s (b)
5. P/gr in +1 combed, weed (turnip), s / s (pozh)
6. P/gr in +1, coloured in the assortment (dark, light, rippled).

The cost depends on the volume and form of payment. To request the current price you can call the phones listed on our website or leave a request through the order form.

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