Wool processing

1 phase Wool sorting
Wool sorting

If the primary grading of wool was not carried out at the producer's premises, trained employees of the company carry out the primary grading of wool and transport it to a closed dry room so that the wool does not lose its qualities and is not spoilt by natural influences (sun, snow, rain, etc.).

The sheared unprocessed fleece (in bales or bags) is conveyed by conveyor to the wool grading area, where it is sorted by type and denomination.

2 phase Wool washing
Wool washing

After grading, the wool is fed to the washing area. For wool washing we use a solution based on hot water, baking soda and soap, the composition of this solution is determined in our laboratory by chemical experiments, which must be carried out before the wool processing. After preparation of the solution, the wool goes to the washing baths, for thorough treatment of wool we use 5 washing baths.

3 phase Wool drying
Wool drying

Clean wool enters the drying section, where the wool is dried by passing hot drying drums. The dried wool goes to the final sorting and packaging area.

Clean, dried and graded wool is bunched into 80-100kg bales and labelled. Wool in bales is transported to the finished goods warehouse and stored until shipment.

Producers and farms are welcome to co-operate
Payment for the accepted wool upon receipt, cash payment is also possible.
The cost of purchased wool is less than or equal to the market price
We can accept delivery at our warehouses. It is also possible to export wool by our transport
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